Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses Prescription Inserts





Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses Prescription Inserts


Do it yourself Kit to change the lenses on your Blade. Comes with manufactured lenses made from your prescription.
To learn how to install your new prescription lenses on your Blade, please visit the Prescription Lens Installation Guide page.

Please note that the Safety Certified Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses are not enabled to allow prescription inserts, currently this product is only compatible with the standard Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses.

Prescription kit does not come with Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses. Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses will need to be added separately.

The Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses and Prescription Kit Inserts will be shipped to you in 2 separate shipments.

Purchasing this kit means that:

  • you acknowledge that Vuzix Blade prescription inserts support single vision correction, which only works for distance myopia correction.
  • you give consent to The AVR LAB to use and share my prescription information with Vuzix Corporation and its third party supplier(s) and their partners solely for the purpose of the processing transaction(s) and fulfilling the order(s) that I submit. I understand that my prescription information will be shared with third parties solely in connection with processing and validation of my order(s), and I authorize such third parties to contact the prescribing doctor as necessary in connection with such validation.
  • You will be asked to provide your prescription information after checkout – one of our team members will contact you to gain this information from you.


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