2021 School starts with educational & fun opportunities

LEARN/TRAIN/PERFORM using any device, web, mobile, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Educators in 2021 are looking for better ways to engage students


Give your students access to Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) – where they can experience the very best of the EON XR Platform for a free* month during 2021. Using your existing iPads and Computers you can educate and have fun with anything from a volcanic eruption to dinosaurs in the classroom.

EON Solar System lesson shown in AR

20 unique learning experiences


Inspiring inquisitive minds with Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Rather than movies and board games, inspire your students with any or all of the following experiences directly on your phone, tablet or computer:

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours including 360 degree walking tours of Notre Dame in Paris, The Great Wall of China or Uluru in Central Northern Territory. Or go back in time to walk through a medieval castle, or leave the earth and tour the International Space Station

Space Enthusiasts

For Space Enthusiasts explore our solar system, learn about rocket and space vehicle launch pads or get up close to the Mars Rover vehicle

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy modules allow you to explore the human digestive system, the human heart, inside our eyes and the anatomy of the human arm. And if cows are more your thing, peak inside their digestive tract.

Additional STEM

Additionally in STEM, explore angles in virtual reality, understand how frogs absorb water, read and understand food labels, jellyfish, or a number of informative lessons on the structure of the earth, its rotation, heat zones and movement of our moon. Throw in volcanic eruptions and jumping frogs for some truly broad experiences.

What’s on offer?

For the first time in Australia and New Zealand, we are offering all primary schools with the ability to access the EON-XR Platform that delivers Education in a very different mode using Augmented and Virtual Reality for FREE*. Using your existing computers and iPads, kids will be able to explore the solar system, ancient civilisations, the human body or the periodic table of elements using the EON-XR platform in a way that engages and informs.

Rather than having the kids watch a movie – why not get them playing with some amazing tech that is educating them at the same time.

The award winning platform is simple to use and requires only an inquisitive mind and a willingness to try something new.

By registering you will be given full access to a minimum of 20 pre-loaded lesson experiences from The AVR Institution that you can use immediately. Additionally, our platform will enable students and teachers to create their own AR/VR experiences.

*EON-XR Platform access free for a month during 2021

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