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Vuzix M400 used in ICU

Remote Technician

Field Worker Support

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Field Service Solutions

Industry Benefits


  • Faster customer response and lower down times
  • Increases in first-time fix-rates
  • Immediate expert insight for issue resolution at the point of inspection
  • Save expert travel costs and commute times
  • Hands-free working to make repairs easier

Manufacturing Solutions

Industry Benefits


  • Manufacture high-quality products with a reduction in error rates
  • Deliver precise training to all employees
  • Ensure all processes are followed with clear text, illustrations and video instructions
  • Shorter training periods
  • Monitor Internet of Things (IoT) through display
  • Hands-free for convenience during tasks

Tele-Medicine Solutions

Industry Benefits


  • Relay instructions to care practitioners
  • More time with doctors through video feed connected to tablet
  • Monitor vital signs without taking eyes off the patient
  • Record treatment for training purposes
  • Provide instant feedback via video feedDoctors access medical libraries faster and on demand
  • A specialist can spend more time interacting with patients
  • A specialist can see more patients in a day
  • Patients spend more time with doctors through a video feed connected to a tablet

Warehouse Solutions

Industry Benefits


  • Decrease average pick time
  • Fewer order mistakes
  • Video feedback to managers
  • Replace a bulky scanner and clipboard with one pair of smart glasses

Book a Demo


The AVR Lab are the proud distributors of VUZIX products in the Australian and New Zealand Territory.

During the virtual meeting we will provide you with:

    • A live 10 minute “Remote Worker” demonstration of a VUZIX unit
    • Use case examples
    • Software platform options that will suit your needs

Post the demonstration we can provide you with more collateral and pricing for all VUZIX products and associated SaaS (Software as a Service) options.

The AVR Lab

While there are a lot of ‘unknowns’ in the immersive reality space, The AVR Lab is focused on helping organisations take confident steps towards utilising these powerful tools to their capacity.

The AVR Lab is Australia’s only true independent distributor of AR and VR solutions.

We do not own a platform nor do we have biases towards any solution. We are collaborators, connectors, enablers and full solution providers. We connect our customers who are looking for enhanced learning and training, with the best-suited and immersive technology solutions. Danny Gambaro – The AVR Lab


From uncovering a specific need, to choosing the best platform and hardware, to successfully embedding the technology into a workplace, The AVR Lab is here to help business get the best out of this new ‘reality’

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